Kelly Park Panthers

2022-2023 Athletics FYI

Athletic Director

Christian Lundy

[email protected].

407 410-5900 x 5422228


In order to participate in the Athletics Program, students must have an OCPS Sports Physical turned in for the specific school year and a cumulative MS 2.0 GPA.




Tryouts cannot begin before 8/10

Regular Season 8/29-9/21                    

Playoffs 10/3-10/17



Tryouts cannot begin before 10/10

Regular Season 10/24-11/16               

Playoffs 11/30-12-14



Tryouts cannot begin before 1/4  

Regular Season 1/18-2/8                   

Playoffs 2/13-3/1


Track and Field      

Tryouts cannot begin before 2/27

Regular Season 3/22-4/12                    

Cluster Championships 4/17-4/20

                          County Championships 4/24-4/27



This season, girls will play first followed by the boys in all contests. Start times are an approximation. Parents, please be prepared to pay $3 adult/ $2 child admission to all home and away games.